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Honda Civic Prices and the Pandemic

COVID-19 related demand-shifts and supply issues have impacted the car market significantly. This analysis explores used Honda Civic prices before and during the pandemic in Ontario Canada.

Fantasy Book Series Perseverance

Do readers experience the sunk cost fallacy during a fantasy series? This analysis explores that question for the top 30 fantasy series'.

Muscles - So Simple it Hurts

It's not that easy, but it is that simple.

Training methodology with a sample routine, eating principals, and how to use illusion!

Real Bodybuilding Podcast - fan favourites

Who is the fan favourite guest on Fouad Abiad's Real Bodybuilding Podcast? We analyze youtube view data to find the answer.

Sumo Wrestling - beating the best

The ranking ladder in sumo implies some linear progression of skill. This analysis explores who is actually more likely to beat the #1 ranked Yokozuna.

Become a Metalhead

You don't just wake up one day and start liking screamo music.